Since its establishment, Navitech has proven itself to be one of the best in the mechanical and electrical industry. Our team of carefully selected professionals are trained to carry out their duties with speed, excellence and most importantly, a client-centric approach. Our key clients comprise of high profile organisations including the Nanyang Technology of Singapore, PUB, HDB Centre of Building Research, and the A*STAR, to list a few. These organisations are well-known for their exacting standards and their continual partnership is evidence of their trust in Navitech’s quality.

   Navitech prides itself on four main strengths: A strong rapport with clients and suppliers, a dedicated and experienced management team, a commitment to continually equip its staff with more skills as well as the management’s hands-on approach.

  Looking forward, Navitech is committed to a continual improvement of its services by promoting work process integration as well as the implementation of efficient and innovative solutions. Its utmost priority is in providing a safe working environment for its staff with a proactive approach by its project teams.